Bugs and Worms

My five-year-old daughter is fascinated with bugs, frogs, and lizards.  Since she was a toddler, she’s picked up everything she can catch, including spiders, salamanders, and caterpillars, in order to gentley inspect them as closely as possible.  She has thick volumes of science books for children, and she’ll spend an hour or more at  a time, silently studying the pictures of various insects.  When the soil is warm and moist, she loves digging up worms by the bucketful.

My two-year-0ld daughter, on the other hand, is a bit more timid.  Last week, she told my husband with pride, “I’m not afraid of ladybugs because they won’t kill me.”

A few days ago though, she insisted to me that, “Worms will bite my head because they have very big teeth!”


  1. your 5 yr old is a girl after my own heart! my dad still remarks about how surprising it was that of the 3 of us, it was the girl who collected bugs, spiders, tadpoles, etc. at a very young age. i had a particular fascination with daddy long leg spiders.


  2. Your 2-year-old hasn’t seen any sandworms on tv has she? I bet your 5-year-old shows that same confidence and curiousity with new people, doesn’t she?


  3. Cathy – Yes, she loves daddy long legs too.

    Amber – No sandworm exposure yet, particularly of the “Dune” variety. Yes, you are absolutely right… That is how they both approach new people and the world in general.


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