Writing Retreat

I took another writing retreat and have spent the past couple of days enjoying the luxury of peace in an isolated environment unhindered by distractions.  I sat in a cozy chair by a fire with a view of the woods, as I hammered out some scenes and made headway on the paranormal fantasy novel I’m working on.

I tend to set lofty goals for myself during a writing retreat.  I figure that I can mentally justify these indulgent getaways if I can actually produce.  There are days when it feels like homework, when the computer screen is a bit intimidating, and I don’t know how quite how to transition from where I left off to where I want the story to go.  I’ve found though that the deliberate act of working on it begins to get the wheels turning, and before I know it, the words are flowing once again.

My goal right now is to get a working rough draft by the end of the year.  Though I’m making some minor edits and changes to existing chapters along the way, for the most part, I am trying to stay focused on completing a first draft in its entirety before getting too caught up in the editing process.

I’m no longer turning in chapters to my critique group, but I will probably do so once I’m done with the initial draft and ready to start the re-write process.  Until then, it just feels good to be moving forward.


  1. I’m so proud of you! That’s great you’re hitting your writing stride. That’s half the battle. It’s so easy letting other things intrude/feeling it’s indulgent to take time out to write, so you should celebrate the place you’re at. Can’t wait to read the chapters when you’re ready to submit them!


  2. good going, lisa! i would love the cabin in the woods, if i felt i could get away….
    i’m hoping to finish my rough in the next couple of weeks. giving myself a lot of forgiveness room with this ending.


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