Learning to Be Kind

As parents, my husband and I have always tried to imbue in our daughters the traits of empathy and kindness in all they do.  Unfortunately, we’re sometimes the brunt of their frustration, and they occasionally forget to treat us with the same simple manners they’d afford others around them. My husband was trying to explain, … More Learning to Be Kind

Daughter’s Surgery

Over Thanksgiving break, my 10-year-old daughter had foot surgery.  She has a condition called Accessory Navicular Syndrome, which basically means she has an extra bone in each foot.  We always knew she was special!  The condition itself isn’t super rare, but the size of her extra bones are unusually large.  After the surgery, the doctor … More Daughter’s Surgery

Giving Thanks

In this spirit of Thanksgiving, my seven-year-old daughter was given an assignment by her second grade teacher.  Each student gave a presentation in front of the class, describing three things for which they are thankful.  My daughter chose three topics close to her heart: “I am thankful for art because we would not have that … More Giving Thanks

Rainy Day Reading

Last weekend, we had some pretty wicked weather here in Illinois.  Playing outside was not an option, so my two daughters stayed in the house and built a fort out of a large box, blankets, and pillows.  My ten-year-old daughter spent half the day in her fort, reading the sixth Harry Potter book with the … More Rainy Day Reading

Summer Activities

At the beginning of the summer, I made a poster “checklist” of fun family activities.  My two daughters had a blast checking items off the list after they did each activity.  I’m not creative or crafty by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like a good checklist.  I especially liked being able to … More Summer Activities