Not Your Average Teddy Bear

Yesterday, I walked into the living room to find my two-year-old and five-year-old daughters sitting side-by-side, each with a large teddy bear in her lap.  This is not a common occurrence in our household.  Neither girl has ever been attached to a particular stuffed animal, and for the most part, they ignore dolls entirely.  I thought that they looked so sweet cuddling their teddy bears affectionately, but before I could grab my camera to capture this Kodak moment, they noticed me standing there.

The girls jumped up, to show me what they had been up to.  Tossing their unsuspecting bears forcefully into the air, they cheered each other on as their teddy bears did multiple flips.  I’m pretty sure they were aiming for the ceiling, as they squealed with pride, “Watch how high my bear can go!”

Rather than the typical comfort object, teddy bears in our house are apparently unwilling participants in the high flying circus.


  1. I had a ceiling fan in my room and it wasn’t until I had a slumber party in 8th grade that anyone ever thought, “If I throw that cheez ball into the fan blades, what will happen?”

    They fly across the room. 🙂

    Alas, Planter’s Cheez Balls were discontinued several years ago. Funny how I never really ate them after high school.


  2. being a mother to boys, i am amazed at their capacity to make absolutely everything into a weapon, including stuffed animals. so much for my early ‘no guns allowed’ rule. so far the baby girl merely hugs or pounds on softies. she even cuddles the boys’ plastic guns….


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