Author Videos: Kim Harrison

Author Kim Harrison has graciously offered this exclusive first look at a video interview conducted by one of her readers and fans.  The discussion is primarily focused around the concepts behind Harrison’s fantasy series set in the Hollows, a modern suburb like any other, save for the fact that it is populated primarily by people with supernatural traits and abilities, such as witches, vampires, werewolves, and even a stray gargoyle, to name a few.

In this video, Harrison discusses some of her favorite authors, fiction genres, and influences behind her work.  She tells the “story behind the story” of how the characters and alternate history of the Hollows first came to life.

You may view this video by clicking on the link below:

Kim Harrison is the author of the New York Times bestselling series about the vivacious witch and private detective, Rachel Morgan.  The main characters found throughout the series display abundant doses of paranormal talent coupled with a common sense intelligence that serve as the ideal complements for their overall toughness, resolve, and occassional almost slapstick-like humor.

In this second video link, Harrison speaks about her latest installment in the Hollows series, White Witch, Black Curse.  This is book number seven in her intricately imaginative urban fantasy story line.  The series begins with Dead Witch Walking, where an unlikely team band together, against all odds, to start their own private investigation company.  The trio is comprised of a witch, a vampire, and a pixie, who meet in a bar.  Their adventures and hi-jinx ensure both laughter and thrills.

In this video, Kim Harrison also gives us a glimpse into her upcoming young adult novel, Once Dead, Twice Shy, which is due to be released in May 2009.  While the topic is still paranormal fiction and supernatural characters, Once Dead, Twice Shy diverges from the witches, vampires, pixies, and werewolves of the Hollows and introduces us to a new set of characters which include both angels and reapers.


  1. Fun interviews, though it was more or less inevitable that the first question was going to be the ‘where do you get your ideas one’.

    Should I ever find myself in a position to be asked, I shall have to think of a suitably worrying answer.


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