Island Christmas

IMG_0011When you live on a tropical island, a white Christmas means white sand.  How do we celebrate the season and get into the Christmas spirit when it’s warm all year around?  We don Santa hats and go scuba diving!

I had the pleasure of doing a ladies dive today with two of my island besties.  Even though the water was 83 degrees Fahrenheit, I wore my Shark Skin for a little added warmth.  We all managed to still get cold on the dive though.  It’s hard not to after an hour under water, even if the water temperature is only slightly below your body temperature.

I know I’ve acclimated to the island climate when I get cold on an 87 degree day because I went into 83 degree water.  Maybe it’s part of my genetic make up, just part of my Chamorro blood.  One thing’s for sure… I don’t miss those Chicago winters one bit!


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