Palau Bans Sunscreen to Protect Coral Reefs and Marine Life

Blue Linckia Starfish in Guam

I’ve been buying reef-safe sunscreen for the past year or so, once I learned of the truly devastating effects that sunscreen has on coral reefs, fish, and marine life.  I’m in the ocean constantly, snorkeling and scuba diving, and I’ve seen the effects of coral bleaching and anemone bleaching.  I hate to think that something I do is causing more harm to the beautiful ocean that I love so much.

Some of the best diving I’ve ever experienced was in Palau.  When I visited, I was so impressed with how they protected and cared for the environment.  It comes as no surprise to learn that they’re forward-thinkers once again, being the first nation to ban sunscreen with harmful chemicals in order to protect their coral reefs and marine life.

You can view more details at BBC News.

Coral Reef in Guam


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  1. I would love to dive in Palau, Lisa. And it’s wonderful to hear that the reefs are cared for. It’s another world below the sea and something to be cherished. Thanks for the tip on reef-safe sunscreen! I’ll definitely take that on my next diving trip. đŸ™‚

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