World Travel Map 2018

visited 32 states (14.2%)
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I’ve taken a break from blogging every summer for the past few years.  I’ve managed to unplug, immerse myself in the moment, and spend time traveling.  This past summer, my family and I literally circled the globe.  We went from Guam to Hong Kong to Germany.  We visited friends in Hamburg and then dropped our oldest daughter off in Marburg for two weeks with a foreign exchange friend.  From there, my husband and I continued traveling with our youngest through southern Germany. From there, we spent a few days in Zurich, Switzerland, and then visited friends on Lake Luzern.  Next, we flew to Mallorca, Spain, where we visited more friends before circling back to Frankfurt to pick up our oldest daughter.  Her host family showed her Germany and Austria while my husband and I were in Switzerland and Mallorca with our younger daughter.  After Europe, we made stops in Chicago, Boston, and New York to visit family and friends.  On our way home, we made a stop in Honolulu, Hawaii for a few days, and then eventually returned to Guam.  Since then, I’ve also made trips from Guam to Orange County and Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX.  Last week, I spent a few days with a friend in Fukuoka (Hakata), Hiroshima, and Osaka, Japan. Fukuoka was a place of particular interest to me because my mother lived there with her sisters and my grandparents for a few years when she was a girl.

Since I began this blog, I’ve been tracking my travel via Douwe Osinga’s Projects maps.  When I posted my first map in 2008, I had seen 6.66% of the world.  In 2013, that number rose to 8.88%, and in 2014, I was up to 9.77%.  I’m happy to report that I am now up to 14.2%.  There’s still so much of the world to see, and while my travel wish list continues to grow, I still have many old favorites I’d like to revisit and explore further.

If you’d like to create your own map to find out what percentage of the world you’ve visited, click here.


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