Book Review: Reset by Brian Andrews


What if the human brain could be hacked and reprogrammed?  In Reset by Brian Andrews, a mysterious floating orb is found in a cave deep within the mountains of Afghanistan.  Those who come into contact with the device suffer seizures.  Upon recovery, their minds and bodies are hijacked and set on a specific course to alter the fate of earth and humanity.

I was provided a NetGalley advanced review copy of Reset.  The unique premise caught my attention, and I found it a suspenseful and fast-paced read.  Though some of the scenes and dialogue felt a little formulaic at points, the overall plot was certainly unique and provided a couple of very intriguing turns that more than made up for any lapses in writing style.  It was easy to become immersed in the interwoven concepts of near-extinction events and the possibly alien technology that could hack the human brain.  The separate stories of the characters blended together well to culminate in a series of events to battle the influence of the mysterious orb.

I want to know you, Michael.

Gooseflesh stood up on his arms.  He whipped around, but there was nothing behind him.  No, wait… there was something.

A presence in the light.

A surge of warm, soothing energy washed over him.  The breath of God.  He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes.  He heard his pistol clatter onto the glassy stone floor, but the sound seemed to come from somewhere far away.  Defending himself was no longer a concern.  There was no need for a weapon, in the company of such peace…

Brian Andrews’ background as a Navy veteran and nuclear engineer lend well to this military thriller with a taste of science fiction.  He is also the author of the bestselling Tier One thriller series with Jeffrey Wilson.


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