Book Review: Cat Flap by Alan S. Cowell


Imagine taking off on an international trip, only to wake up and discover that some aspect of your consciousness has been left behind at home, seen through the eyes of the family pet.  What shenanigans might you witness, when your husband and kids have no idea you’re still quietly observing everything that happens at your house?

The irreverently unlikely premise of Cat Flap by Alan S. Cowell caught my attention straight away.  I was curious enough to open the book and begin reading, and I found it difficult to put down once I started.  I found myself intermittently hopeful yet cringing at some of the characters’ misadventures.  The main character, Dolores Tremayne, found herself transported from a place of peaceful naiveté to horrified helplessness when she learned some of what her husband and kids were really up to while she was away. Being trapped in a cat’s body with no way to communicate with her family or primary self had her feeling doubly trapped.  Despite the distasteful nature of some of the characters activities, Cowell managed to maintain a playful mood as events unfolded.

Overall, Cat Flap made for a light and entertaining book selection to kick off my summer. Yes, it’s ridiculously far-fetched, but its absurdity is what makes it fun. The fast-paced style of how the shocking events unfold made it a quick read.  Cowell wrote with plenty of humor and a simple, flowing style of story-telling that has the reader pouncing along, chasing the thread of this utterly original adventure.

Someone picked her up, tumbled her onto her back, rubbed her cozy, furry abdomen. She heard the sound of purring and realized that she was making it.

I received an Advanced Review Copy of Cat Flap by Alan S. Cowell, compliments of St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley.

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