4.8 Earthquake in Guam

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.17.08 AMI was jolted awake this morning by an earthquake.  Having grown up in California, I wasn’t too alarmed.  I did, out of habit, start playing the magnitude guessing game.  I estimated a low 4 earthquake, assuming it was based nearby, and it turns out I was pretty close.  The United States Geological Survey website placed it at a 4.8 earthquake based just off the coast of Guam.

We’ve had a lot of seismic activity here in Guam this week.  There have been a series of small earthquakes throughout the Northern Mariana Islands.  Earthquake Track is a good website for seeing recent activity.  I also like the iPad app Last Quake.

I have a pretty mellow family.  I’m the only one who even seems to notice earthquakes.  That includes our pets, a dog and a cat who didn’t even bother getting up for the minor event.  They sleep through thunderstorms and typhoons too.

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