Purple Hair

IMG_2485Whenever I need a change, I like to mess with my hair.  I joke that long hair is my default style, since my hair grows so fast, and I can’t keep up with the long term maintenance of a short style.  Inevitably though, I end up chopping it all off from time to time.  I also like to change the color.  My hair’s been every color of the rainbow at some point.

This week I went for both a style change and a new color.  I had about a foot of hair lopped off, and I colored it purple, my personal Prince tribute.  I donated the cut hair to Locks of Love, as I have many times before.  Many people, even hairdressers, assume that colored hair can’t be donated.  However, Locks of Love accepts colored hair, so long as it hasn’t gone through any chemical bleaching process.

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