Travel Review: City Airways is a Scam!

Four months ago, I bought five tickets on City Airways for a trip from Hong Kong to Phuket.  Two nights before the flight, I received an email from a representative at City Air informing me that they didn’t have seats available for us on the flight that we booked and paid for.

They told me to buy five tickets on another airline, assuring me they would refund us our money and pay the difference in our last minute fares on another airline.  Since we were already in Hong Kong and had prepaid for our accommodations in Phuket, I had little choice but to purchase tickets on another airline as City Air directed.

I received multiple email communications over a period of two months from “Ticketing & Reservation, City Airways, Tel: +662-9968808, Email:” promising me that “Money will definitely be returned to you, please wait.”
Four months later, City Airways still has not reimbursed me for the more expensive last minute tickets we were forced to buy, and they’ve simply stopped responding to my inquiries.
City Airways is a travel scam that will charge your credit card and not provide seats on an actual flight.  I strongly recommend that all travelers avoid them!


  1. Our hearts go out to you. What a travesty. Is there a Better Business Bureau that can receive this as an official complaint?


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