Birthday Bash

This past week has been one long birthday celebration!  It began on Thursday when my husband and kids took me out to dinner, where I was shocked to be joined by friends who flew in from San Francisco.  After dinner, I opened gifts.  My four-year-old handed me a small package to open and tried to fool me with, “I don’t know if it’s earrings or not…”

Later that night, a friend from San Diego arrived at the house, and then the next day, a friend from Barcelona, Spain walked through the door.  We all spent the weekend together having a fabulous time.  Good friends are always the best gifts!

As if that weren’t enough of a treat, my husband surprised me once again on Saturday night with a big surprise party that included at least 50 guests.  My father flew in from Sacramento to join us, and friends from New Mexico were there, along with many neighbors and friends.

It was definitely a birthday to remember!

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