Bedtime Routine

I had a raging migraine all day yesterday, and by evening I could barely focus my vision or stand without feeling faint and nauseous.  Unfortunately, my husband was in Hong Kong, and the thought of battling to get my daughters into bed wasn’t something I relished.

As an experiment, I decided to put my seven-year-old daughter in charge of the bedtime routine, and surprisingly, it worked like a charm!  She helped her four-year-old sister with pajamas and teeth brushing.  Then she picked out a book and read it to her, tucked her in, and retired to her own room without so much as a “good night” to me.  I curled up into a fetal position in bed, but could hear everything that was going on.  At one point, my oldest headed her little sister off at the pass when she tried to come into my room.  She explained, “Mommy has a headache, and we’re going to let her rest, so she feels better.”

They both really came through when I needed it!


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