Greetings from Tokyo

I am in love with Japan.  Tokyo displays such a balanced blend between modern technology and ancient culture.  It’s impeccably clean and feels surprisingly safe for a major city.  Everyone dresses fashionably, and the food is fantastic.

Walking around Roppongi on a Saturday night inspires drinking in the nightlife.  This morning, I took a long walk down to the Imperial Palace and gardens.  From there, I went to Tokyo train station and caught a train to Harajuku.  After visiting the shrine in Yoyoshi Park, I caught another train back to Roppongi.

If it weren’t for the high cost of living, among other obstacles, I would love to live here.  I wish I had more time to explore more of the country, particularly some of the countryside and smaller villages.  I will definitely be coming back some day.


  1. soinds fab. there is a certain child of mine leaning over my shoulder at the moment yelling GREETINGS FROM TOKYO?! because he is obsessed with all things godzilla/tokyo.


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