Quiet Time

My three-year-old has pretty much phased out naps, but I can still get her to stay in her room for some “quiet time” in the afternoons.  I enforce this more for my peace of mind than for her sake.  The theory is that she’s supposed to lay quietly in bed and look through her books or sing songs to herself, or at least that’s what my oldest did during “quiet time” at that age.

My youngest, however, prefers to wander around her room, seeking out more creative pastimes.  She has been known to empty out her sock drawer, dump all her toys onto the floor, and take all the hangers out of her closet to string them together across the room.  I’m just glad she hasn’t figured out how to open the windows!

Today, I found her dressed in a swimsuit that she had put on over the top of her clothes.

“What are you doing?” I asked.  (My usual question at the end of each quiet time.)

“I’m a Swim Lessoner.  I’m teaching all my kids to swim.”

I’ve learned to just shrug my shoulders and nod my head.


  1. I miss that my sons are not young enough any more to have your daughter’s imagination. I’ve tried to instill one but somehow it disappeared during the terrible 15s. Really, if any parent of young children think the terrible 2s are horrendous they haven’t got a child who’s reached the I-can-make-my-own-decisions age. Good luck to you all because, ups or downs, you love your kids anyway. Mine are priceless.


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