Graphic Novels: Fables by Bill Willingham

I’m finally nearing the end of the Fables series of graphic novels by Bill Willingham, which puts me at that point where I’ll be chomping at the bit for the next one to come out.  I’ve been dragging it out because I didn’t really want to catch up to the last issue.

The Fables series features main characters from traditional fairy tales, but with very different twists on who they really are.  Most of the characters (such as Cinderella, Prince Charming, Little Boy Blue, Old King Cole, Pinocchio, and some of the more infamous witches) live in Fabletown, a section of New York City bordered by the more mundane world.  The animal fables (such as the Three Little Pigs and the Three Bears) live in the country on “The Farm,” and some of the fable characters still live in the Homeland fabled worlds.

It’s one of my favorite series of graphic novels, and I highly recommend it.


  1. It’s always awkward catching up with the end of a series. You start to wonder if it’s acceptable to write to authors saying “Hurry up. At this rate I’ll have to re-read them”. I feel that even though I know how long it takes to write these things.


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