Shake the World

My six-year-old daughter has very elaborate dreams, and she often remembers the details.  I have always had very vivid and complex dreams myself, and they are often the inspiration for my story ideas.

This morning, my daughter told me about a dream she had in which we attended a party at a big stadium called “Shake the World.”  She said that the two of us were chosen to go up on stage, where we climbed into a “giant bouncy box.”  When we jumped around in the box, it caused the entire stadium to shake.  She said that we were jumping really high, and that it was “the best time ever.”

After bouncing, we got chocolate smoothies with cherries on top, but apparently she didn’t like the cherry.  She said that her Dad and sister came up to us afterwards to tell us what a good job we did.  “Their hearts were beating really fast,” she said, “Because they were so excited.”

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