Do They Feed You In Jail?

At the dinner table one night, my six-year-old daughter casually asked her father, “Daddy, when you were in jail, did they feed you, last time?”

My husband looked utterly dumb-founded by her question, but I couldn’t help bursting out in laughter.  This struck me as hilarious on so many levels.  First, it seemed so absurd that our daughter would assume that her father (one of the most straight-laced law-abiding citizens who ever lived) had not only been behind bars, but that he might have been incarcerated more than once.  Second, her concern about whether or not they starved him was genuine.

We explained to our daughter that Daddy has never been sent to jail and also that prison inmates are indeed fed while serving their time.  This led to a multitude of follow-up questions about what types of things people could do wrong that might potentially land them in jail.


  1. as funny and out of nowhere as this seems, it is perfectly developmentally appropriate for a six year old…minus the assumption that her father had been in jail. 😀


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