The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

In The Hunger Games, author Suzanne Collins has created a compelling page-turner with a plot and characters that have really stuck with me.  This young adult novel presents a dystopian future scenario that holds nothing back in its gritty and raw details of teens who are forced by their oppressive government to compete to the death for the entertainment of the Capitol residents.  The story unfolds in a compassionate and dramatic manner without ever tipping the scale into the melodramatic, a difficult feat considering the intense subject matter.

I could not put it down, and I immediately started the sequel, Catching Fire.


  1. Dawn, what kind of books does Hannah enjoy? This was certainly a page turner. It was one of the most riveting books I’ve read all year, and I would certainly recommend it as a Christmas gift.


  2. Well, right now she’s mainly reading textbooks 🙂 but she typically likes science fiction, romance, historical non-fiction…I’ll check this book out at the store and see if it’s something she’ll like. If not, I may want to read it now. 🙂


  3. This was such an amazing book… your review definitely does it justice. Still need to read the sequel, though – has it, so far, lived up to the first?


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