Poodle Playdate

Poodle PlaydateI looked out my window into our backyard the other day and saw a dog the same size and shape of our new puppy, but she was white instead of black.  In fact, she appeared to be the mirror twin of our poodle mix.Poodle Playdate2

I walked into the backyard and found the happy-go-lucky doodle all too eager to come inside and make friends with our pooch.  We found an ID tag on her collar and promptly called and left a voicemail with her owners, but before they came to pick her up, we had a chance to enjoy an impromptu puppy playdate.  The two new four-legged friends romped and played until they wore each other out, eventually laying down side-by-side for a rest.

Poodle Playdate3


  1. OMG! How cute! Hopefully you got the name and number of the dog owner so you can schedule another puppy playdate…just add that to your list of other playdates for your kids and you. I’m sure it’ll fit somewhere. Lol…


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