The New Locke & Key by Joe Hill

Locke & Key Vol. 2I have to confess that I did a little happy dance when my new personalized and signed copy of Joe Hill’s Locke & Key: Head Games arrived.  Joe Hill has created a dark fantasy world that is unforgettable, and the art work by Gabriel Rodriguez is thoroughly captivating.  Head Games is the second volume in the Locke & Key series.

If you enjoy horror fantasy, I highly recommend the Locke & Key graphic novels.  The main characters are three siblings who move to a mansion in the haunting New England coastal town of Lovecraft after the murder of their father.  The house itself holds many dark secrets.  While dealing with the transition to a new town and the loss of their father, the two brothers and sister find that they must also fight for their own safety.  In the midst of this struggle, the youngest brother, Bode, discovers magical antique skeleton keys that unlock supernatural doors.

I can’t wait to submerge myself in this newest addition to my quickly growing graphic novel collection.

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