A Touch of Swine Flu

My daughters had colds last week, which of course my husband and I both caught as well.  I felt lousy for a few days, but then seemed to be on the mend.  Unfortunately, my health seemed to take a u-turn just as I thought I was getting better.

A couple of nights ago, I developed a low grade fever and sinus congestion.  The sore throat that I had the first day of the cold returned with a vengeance, along with a cough.  Soon there after, I lost my voice.

I dragged myself into an Urgent Care facility, where a nurse practitioner told me that it might be “a cold that took a turn for the worse” or that I could have “a touch of the swine flu.”

Funny, I didn’t know that you could get just “a touch” of the swine flu.  I’m glad she didn’t bother with proper medical terminology, when “a cold that took a turn for the worse” actually makes more sense to me anyway, to be perfectly honest.

She prescribed antibiotics, so hopefully I’ll be feeling better soon.  In the mean time, I’m letting the phone ring rather than answering with a raspy whisper-voice “hello,” which might tend to creep out any unsuspecting callers.


  1. I lost my voice completely for two days, but I am able to croak a bit more audibly today. Rather than make jokes about the peace and quiet, my husband commented that he missed me being able to talk. He said that he appreciates being with a woman who has her own voice!


  2. Glad you got your voice back, and just in time for your hubby to really appreciate all that you add to the conversation. 😉


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