Skiing in Tomamu, Japan

We recently went skiing in Hokkaido, Japan with a large group of friends and coworkers.  The person who arranged the trip negotiated a great deal on rooms, breakfast, and lift tickets at the luxurious Hoshino Resort in Tomamu.  Our family room was extremely spacious with four comfortable Japanese-style beds along the floor, a living room area, … More Skiing in Tomamu, Japan

From -9 to 86 Degrees

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been from the arctic blast in the Midwest to the sunny climes of Guam.  We spent Christmas at my mother’s house in Illinois, where the temperature dipped down to -9 degrees Fahrenheit, feeling like -30 with wind chill.  We experienced snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain.  Though we … More From -9 to 86 Degrees

Too Much Snow

You’d think with all the snow we’re getting, I’d be blogging more, not less.  At this rate, I’m going to have to change the title of this blog to “Damian Weekly.”  Despite being snowed in much of the time, I find myself too fatigued to get much writing done, as if my mind and body are … More Too Much Snow

Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!  My husband’s flight home from Tokyo got delayed (by more than a day), so we’re pretending that Thanksgiving is on Friday this year.  That’s life with a pilot, but the turkey and stuffing will still taste just as good cooked tomorrow. In the mean time, I have an unexpected day off today that I get … More Thanksgiving 2009

Early Winter Weather

Winter weather has solidly set in earlier than usual here.  We experienced a range of winter precipitation all day yesterday, from freezing rain and sleet to snow.  I was snowed in most of the day, too wary to brave my steep S-shaped driveway covered in a layer of ice and snow.  It sounds like it was for the best because … More Early Winter Weather

Where is Spring?

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring.  Gazing out my office window into the backyard, all I have seen since this morning has been snow.  Five to eight inches is in the forecast for today.  How can this be? I have plans tonight to see humorist Sarah Vowell — NY Times guest columnist, contributor to public radio’s This American Life, author … More Where is Spring?