Where is Spring?

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring.  Gazing out my office window into the backyard, all I have seen since this morning has been snow.  Five to eight inches is in the forecast for today.  How can this be?

I have plans tonight to see humorist Sarah Vowell — NY Times guest columnist, contributor to public radio’s This American Life, author of Assassination Vacation and Take the Cannoli, and voice of Violet from the animated movie The Incredibles.  I can’t be snowbound, trapped by my ridiculously long and steep S-shaped driveway.

Where is that guy who said that March is supposed to go out like a lamb?  I’d like to give him a piece of my mind.

It’s two days before Easter.  I suppose it’s a good thing that the eggs will be brightly colored or else my poor kids would never be able to find them under all this snow.  It should make for some interesting egg hunt photos though.


  1. Don’t forget, April showers brings May flowers. It’s just that the showers are really snow flurries. But my point is that flowers don’t come until May, so April is still a wild card. And we’re still in March.

    Man, some people just can’t wait ’till summer. Let me enjoy my snowboarding.


  2. Yesterday was the ugliest first day of spring. I’m not sure where you are, but in upstate New York (Woodstock area), the sky has been a solid wall of gray, drizzling rain on us the whole dark day. (I don’t know if that’s better or worse than a few inches of snow.)Today it’s lightened up but it still doesn’t feel like Spring. And unless the ground dries up I won’t be traipsing around in the mud this weekend looking for Easter eggs!



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