Digital Citizenship and the Positive Use of Social Media with Josh Ochs

       My youngest daughter’s online school, Laurel Springs, recently had Josh Ochs present as a guest speaker.  He was fantastic!  He spoke to parents about social media safety and to students about building a positive online image. I highly recommend you check out his website, Safe, Smart & Social, where he posts a plethora of … More Digital Citizenship and the Positive Use of Social Media with Josh Ochs

Skiing in Tomamu, Japan

We recently went skiing in Hokkaido, Japan with a large group of friends and coworkers.  The person who arranged the trip negotiated a great deal on rooms, breakfast, and lift tickets at the luxurious Hoshino Resort in Tomamu.  Our family room was extremely spacious with four comfortable Japanese-style beds along the floor, a living room area, … More Skiing in Tomamu, Japan

Weather Balloon Launch Field Trip

My 10-year-old daughter recently enjoyed a home school field trip to the NOAA Weather Station in Guam.  Since we moved to Guam, she has been attending a distance education program through Laurel Springs School. Her Laurel Springs teacher allowed her to substitute part of her science assignment for the week with a written summary of her experiences. … More Weather Balloon Launch Field Trip

Growing a Pineapple

We recently grew our first pineapple using the top of an ordinary pineapple we bought at the grocery store.  This is a simple process anyone can do, and it’s a great project for kids.  We simply cut off the top, ate the rest of the pineapple, and stuck the top in soil in a large … More Growing a Pineapple