2016 Mangilao Donne Festival

13680005_663517543816236_999478919993039391_oThe 2016 Mangilao Donne Festival will take place in Guam’s Mangilao village night market venue.  The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the spicy donne pepper, often referred to as the boonie pepper here in Guam.  There will be food booths and cooking contests, as well as a variety of other entertainment.
 The committee is in the process of finalizing arrangements and has put out a call for community participation.  Here’s a copy of the press release:
2016 Mangilao Donne Festival: Call for Vendors, Contestants, and more
The 2016 Mangilao Donne’ Festival Committee is seeking vendors, contestants for Little Miss Donne, and contest participants for Best Dinanche, Best Pika Dessert, and Best Kadun Pika. The festival will take place from September 9 to 11 and will be done in conjunction with a carnival hosted by Santa Teresita Church.
Vendors may include food, beverage, produce, retail items, hand made items, games, and others. The price to participate for all three days is $80 – $150, depending on what a vendor is selling. Vendor applications are available at the Mangilao Mayor’s Office.
The Little Miss Donne Pageant is an opportunity to raise money for the village of Mangilao. Girls ages (4-12) are eligible to participate. Contestants for Little Miss Donne’ are asked to speak to the Mangilao Mayor’s Office for more information. 
Best Dinanche, Best Pika Dessert, and Best Kadun Pika Contest participants may join the day of the event which is September 11. There is a fee of $25 to participate in the competition. Winners will be announced on-site, and there are plaques and bragging rights for winners.
The committee continues to seek raffle donations, sponsors, and volunteers for the event. For more information on any and all of these topics, please call or email 734.5731 or 647.0100 or info@farmtotableguam.org.

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