Disney Spring Break

For Spring Break, we took our daughters to Disney World for the first time.  They’ve been begging to go for years.  Almost all their friends have been there, and it seemed an American tradition that was beckoning.  Admittedly, the kids were much more excited about it than my husband.  As expected, the crowds were horrendous, but all the Disney magic seemed intact and much as I remembered it from my own childhood.

Islands of AdventureMy nine-year-old daughter preferred Universal Studios Islands of Adventure over Disney.  She started reading the Harry Potter series a few months ago and is about halfway through the books, so seeing the Harry Potter world was pretty exciting for her.  We explored Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, had lunch at The Three Broomsticks, and drank butterbeer, which was much better tasting than I expected, like a butterscotch rootbeer float.  My oldest daughter also sought out the thrills of every roller coaster and adrenalin ride she could find and is finally tall enough to go on everything. She loved the roller coasters at Universal Studios, particularly the Dueling Dragons ride in Harry Potter world and the rides found in Comic Alley.  She appreciates comic book superheroes almost as much as her Mom, so she thought that section of the park was pretty cool.  (Because it WAS!)

My six-year-old preferred the Dr. Seuss land at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.  They both liked the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  When asked what her favorite part of Magic Kingdom was, my youngest listed the following:

  • The Carousel of Progress ride
  • The electric light parade
  • The animated show of Wreck-It-Ralph climbing Cinderella’s castle
  • The hot dog she had for lunchIMG_0913

Was it worth all the time, money, and effort?  I guess it was worth it to let the kids experience it at least once.  I can’t say we’ll repeat it any time soon though.  As my husband said at the end of the trip, “Okay, we checked that box.”  Next Spring Break, I’m thinking something tropical and relaxing.  I see myself sitting on a beach sipping an umbrella drink while the kids splash around in the water and build sand castles.

One comment

  1. Sounds like they had a great time and can now tell their friends that, they too, have seen the Magic Kingdom. Next year should definitely be mom and dads choice though. 😉


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