Book Review: Ever After by Kim Harrison

Ever AfterEver After, Kim Harrison’s eleventh installment in the Hollows series, reunites magical bounty hunter Rachel Morgan and elf businessman Trent Kalamack on more equal footing.  To the delight of many Harrison fans, their former enmity continues to evolve into a steady alliance with the promise of more on the horizon.  Having once again unwittingly plunged herself into a world of trouble, this time by causing a tear that begins to deteriorate the demon home world known as the Ever After, Rachel puts on her big girl boots (the finest vampire-made black leather boots, of course) and takes responsibility for fixing the problem and once again saving the world.

During her latest adventures, Rachel manages to serve as the glue that unites multiple factions of sworn enemies – elves and demons, pixies and fairies – into a tenuous cooperation.  It is this underlying theme of Rachel bringing together paranormal species and humans from dramatically disparate cultures and backgrounds, woven throughout the Hollows series, that is one of my favorite aspects of this alternate universe.  Another is that the definitions of good and evil are much more ambiguously grey than simple black-and-white.

Trent gracefully turned to look down the hall as if wanting to leave. He was tired, but it was only because he was letting his guard down that I could tell. “Anyone can piece it together — now that it’s common knowledge what you are.” His gaze came back to me, an empty regret in them. “The sole survivor of Rosewood syndrome happens to be a demon? Perhaps we were lucky it took this long. That an enzyme can keep them alive, though?” His lips pressed together. “A handful know that, and most of them work for me.”

Some Harrison fans might be disappointed that vampire main character Ivy Tamwood is almost nonexistent in this latest story.  While Rachel’s personal story arc evolves, I hope it doesn’t leave her almost family-like bonds with her old friends in the dust.  This particular book did make strides in developing the gargoyle characters and their intriguing history.  Clearly, there are more adventures yet to come in the world of the Hollows, and I, for one, can’t wait for book number twelve.

To learn more about Kim Harrison and the Hollows series, click here to read my interview with this New York Times bestselling author.

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