Elf on a Shelf

My daughters have been talking about an Elf on a Shelf character that a few of their friends own.  My five-year-old decided to christen one of her little teddy bears as her personal elf.  She named him Stocking.  Her eight-year-old sister thought it’d be fun to join in the game, and started moving him to new spots now and then when her sister wasn’t looking.  Her little sister is now convinced that the elves gave her teddy bear “some of their elf magic and made him a real elf.”

Big sister went so far as to leave a note from Stocking the elf-bear.  It read:

“This is Stocking. I do really have magic. Your sister is very nice, and so are you. I’ve made your Christmas present already. Hopefully you won’t get in any more fights with your sister, so I can give you the present. I was waiting a long time to tell you because you were at school.  From, Stocking. P.S. I love the name you’ve given me!”


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