New TV Show: The Hollows

I’m so excited about the CW’s upcoming new show, The Hollows, based on Kim Harrison’s bestselling series of urban fantasy novels featuring Rachel Morgan, a smart and sassy private investigator who also just happens to be a very powerful witch.  The show will be written and produced by Jordan Hawley, whose projects also include Smallville, Moonlight, and Wildfire.

I recently received an advance review copy of Harrison’s latest book, The Hollows Insider, which provides an overview of the world of the Hollows.  Check back soon to read my review.  If you’re thinking of purchasing your own copy of this book, I highly recommend doing it soon.  It was just released this week, and first editions have a really cool glow-in-the-dark cover.


  1. Oh no, not the CW! Crap, I was hoping for premium cable or at least a grown-up network. The Hollows is an adult series, not YA. I’ll cry if they turn Al into some 22-year-old model with bleach-white teeth. And how will they possibly pull off Jenks and the pixies (and faeries)?

    **is nervous**

    On the other hand, I’m happy the books will get more attention and Harrison will make more money. Very much deserved.


  2. I hope that it comes out as planned. I love the books and anxiously await each new one. I agree that it will be horrible for the story line if they change the characters. Like making Al so visually appealing or tone done Jinks’s attitude. Each character plays such a vitale part in the story. I would like to think that Kim Harrison would not allow huge variation but I am not sure that is up to her.


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