Power Has Been Restored!

And it’s about damn time!  The power went out during a very brief storm at 7:30am on Monday morning, and it only took ComEd until 9:30pm on Friday night to get the power back up.  Way to go ComEd!

In the interim, ComEd texted me on two separate days informing me that the power had been restored, while I was still sitting there in the dark.  Apparently, they didn’t know what the hell was going on.  Each time I called their automated update line, I’d get a message saying that power would be restored later that day or that night.  For five days, they just kept creeping the estimate back by about five hours at a time.

If I had any idea that we would’ve been spending the entire week without power (and as a result without water or gas), I would have packed up our stuff and moved in with friends.  Unfortunately, I was given the false impression that power should be restored shortly, on each consecutive miserable day.

I’ve spent today catching up on laundry, doing dishes, opening the freezer, and flushing the toilets as often as I please.  Oh, happy day!


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