Roughing It at Home

We’re on our third consecutive day without power, water, and gas. The storm that hit early Monday morning only lasted for about half an hour, but it brought on hurricane force winds that knocked down trees and power lines all over the place.

ComEd is reporting 850,000 customers without power. The libraries, bookstores, and restaurants with power and free WiFi are all very crowded. I’m appreciating my gym membership this week, for the air conditioning, bathrooms, showers, and WiFi.

My daughters are in day camp this week, and fortunately, they get to swim there. It provides some welcome relief from the lack of air conditioning at home.


  1. Oh I am so sorry. Ours went out for a few hours the other morning, but came back on before I had to consider my frozen goods. I feel so guilty because we have power on our side of the street, but across the street… zip.


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