Regal Literary YA Summer Book Giveaway

Regal Literary is hosting a free book giveaway contest featuring three young adult debut novels.  Enter for your chance to win a signed copy of the bold coming-of-age novel “Like Mandarin” by Kirsten Hubbard, the dystopian “Possession” by Elana Johnson, or the sensitive and funny “A Scary Scene In A Scary Movie” by Matt Blackstone.

Click here for more information and to enter the contest.


  1. You’re so thoughtful, Lisa. I received an email about the giveaway but I didn’t post it for anyone. I may do that tonight. Or tomorrow. Or next week. Can’t seem to find chunks of time for posting anymore. 😦


  2. Amber, I know what you mean. My posts have been fewer and farther between in 2011 too. I intend to do better, but so far, I’m not blogging nearly as often as I did in 2009 & 2010.


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