Black Friday

For the first time in my life, I tackled Black Friday shopping.  I scanned the ads in advance, highlighted my items of choice, and made a game plan.  Even though I was up bright and early, many of the products on my list were already sold out before I made it to the stores.  Some of the shops around here opened at midnight, and almost all were open by 6:00 a.m.   I now feel justified in listening to Christmas carols, since I’ve officially started my Christmas shopping.

Does anyone know why they call it Black Friday?


  1. black friday came about during the depression because it was an impetus to get people out to stores and put the ledgers back in the black. that’s also why fdr briefly moved thanksgiving to the third weekend of the month to allow for more time to christmas shop.

    i very specifically do not shop on black friday. i do not do well in crowds, especially aggressively shopping crowds. the discounts are not worth the price of my sanity. lol

    you are braver than i!


  2. Brave girl. I waited until Saturday morning to shop and found the items I was looking for…but they weren’t “door buster” items, so they were more likely to still be in the stores. I’m sure you’ll find good Cyber Monday deals too. 🙂


  3. I rearly go for the shopping with my girls friends she takes too much time. she takes too much time for the shopping. I know that she always purchase to good items but i cant waste too much time in the shopping.


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