Random Bits of Knowledge

My four-year-old has a habit of piping into a conversation with totally unrelated nuggets of information that she finds interesting.  She’ll tilt her head to the side, and in a serious tone of voice, offer up a random fact totally unrelated to the subject at hand.  Here are a few recent examples:

  • As we were driving my oldest daughter to school and discussing the fact that she is now a second grader, my youngest had this to say, “A spork is both a spoon and a fork.”
  • One night at dinner, we were discussing our day.  My youngest added her thoughts, “A giraffe’s neck is bigger than ours.”
  • While we were getting out of the car to go into preschool, she procrastinated with, “Wait, I just have to close these websites.” (There were no electronic gadgets in the car at the time.)
  • She’s even interrupted her own conversation with a sidetrack random thought.  “I get very upset when I don’t get what I want.  And, how do rockets get into space?”

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