Product Review: Spooner Board

I was sent a cool new product for review this summer: a Spooner board.  Made of thick brightly colored plastic with anti-slip strips across the top, the Spooner looks much like a large skate-board with no wheels or a small snowboard with a bit more curve.  It’s a fun way to learn the basic balance skills involved in skating, snowboarding, or surfing.

The Spooner website claimed that it was fun for kids of all ages, but I was skeptical until I received one in the mail and let my two young daughters try it out for themselves.  Sure enough, my six-year-old mastered the basic back-and-forth motion with her feet that allowed her to move across the floor within about 60 seconds of taking it out of the box.  Within five minutes, she was travelling all over the house and spinning in circles.  She’s an athletic little daredevil, and the Spooner really appealed to her sense of fun.

Surprisingly, my three-year-old also enjoyed it quite a bit.  She preferred sitting down on it at first, and she wobbled back and forth giggling the whole time.  Soon, she was standing up on it like her older sister and learning to sway back and forth to move around the living room.  The board demonstrated impressive durability when my older daughter convinced her little sister to sit on one end, while my oldest jumped up and down on it, bouncing across the living room while my little ones shrieked with glee.

I brought it to New York with me this summer and allowed other children and adults to test it out as well.  Those who were skaters agreed that it did somewhat simulate the motion of a skate board and might be good for kids just starting out, although they confessed that they’d have to give it more time before being convinced that they’d want one of their own.  The board particularly appealed to the eight-year-old boy who tried it out.  He played with it for days and begged his parents to get him one of his own.

“I like all the cool tricks you can do with it,” said my eight-year-old tester, as he spun in circles to demonstrate. “I like that you can play with it indoors because my Mom won’t let me skate inside.”

Spooners come in two sizes: the 24 inch freestyle boards and the larger 28 inch pig boards.  Both sizes are available in a variety of colors.


  1. Hi Lisa, Thanks for this review. I’m looking at these for my 9 year old twin boys. What size board did you give your 8 year old reviewer?

    Thanks, Lisa


  2. I’d have to measure it to be sure, but I think it’s the larger board that we received for review. I imagine that the 4″ difference in size would make very little difference in performance, if I had to guess. It’s the curved shape, the smooth surface, and the rocking motion that really makes this toy unique.


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