Dog Walker

Over the past few years, when I’ve asked my six-year-old daughter what she wants to be when she grows up, she’s responded with answers such as: an astronaut, a doctor, a race car driver, a veterinarian, and a writer.

My three-year-old daughter always consistently offers the same answer: a dog walker.

That sort of sums up their personalities.  My oldest is ambitious, fearless, and thrives on a good challenge.  My youngest just likes to hang out and play.


  1. well, at least number 2 is stable 😉

    i kid. i like both answers. and have considered dog walking as recently as today. and regularly trhough my life. although i suspect i’m more like your eldest…and still dreaming big dreams (newbery winner, anyone?)


  2. Cute.

    At least you know that chances are good there will both be employed.

    Actually, they could probably go into work together as a vet and dog walker.


  3. When I grow up I’d like to be… well I was going to say Prime Minister, but the way thursday’s election looks set to go, there’s an outside chance if I say it too loudly.


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