New Book: Taylor Swift: Love Story by Amy Gail Hansen

Anyone out there a fan of Taylor Swift, the young blond-haired shining star on country and pop music charts?  A new book containing everything you ever wanted to know about this “Entertainer of the Year” has just hit book store shelves.  It’s titled Taylor Swift: Love Story and is written by the beautiful and talented author (and my good friend) Amy Gail Hansen.


  1. Thanks for the plug. Love the addition of the word “beautiful”–I needed that!

    Yes, I’ll be there tomorrow! CU Then!


  2. Hi Amy,
    I’m so proud of you and your new publication. I’ll let teenagers at Cary Grove know all about it. Is it at Borders and Barnes??


  3. I have the book..I finished it in 3 days!!!You rock!!!Taylor Swift is awsome!!!:)
    It’s every fan’s guide to be like her…


  4. hello amy, i just wanted 2 thank you for creating this amazing biography about taylor, i have the book, its totally amazing, im doing a essay about it right now 4 school 🙂 i enjoyed reading this several times thanx 4 creating it, i love this book, i am amazed by everything taylor has gone through she is my idol, she is the #1 reason why im starting 2 write my own songs, thank you so much amy,
    Taylor’s #1 fan, Ashley Salgueiro 🙂


  5. hmmm i cant buy the book online so im wondering if theres anyway to download the book online plz tell me b4 the end of this week i need this book otherwise im gonna have to change my research topic to something else


  6. IIIIII looooooovve taylor swift !!!!!! I am buying the book today!!!
    i am also seeing her concert in october too!!! i wonder if i can get her autograph on that book …. cuzzz that would be ssssssssooooooooo awesomeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1can’t wait , and thanks so much for writing this book !! i really haven’t been able to find a taylor swift book for a 12 yr. old !:) 🙂 thanks again !!!!!!!!!
    p.s. hey.. maybe you should try writing a book about katy perry. she really big right now and i happen to be a fan. you could really earn some money off of it. :):)


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