Kreativ Blogger Award

Librarian Extraordinaire Lisa Guidarini of Bluestalking Reader has bestowed upon me a Kreativ Blogger Award.  Merci Lisa G!

My acceptance speech, in the form of this post, is supposed to include five random tidbits about myself, so that readers can get to know me better.

Did you know…

  1. that I sometimes find myself ghost-typing during television shows or movies?  It gets worse when I’m anxious.  During suspenseful scenes in movies, my husband doesn’t like to hold my hand because he can feel my fingers typing away the dialogue on an imaginary keyboard.
  2. that I love to eat white trash snack foods on road trips?  Nothing better than some Cheetos, Corn Nuts, Red Vines, and beef jerky when you have to be driving all day.  Top it off with a slushy to drink, and I’m in heaven!
  3. that I have a fear of people touching my neck?  Not just a fear, but a significant phobia.  If caught unawares by someone grabbing my neck or even just brushing it lightly, I have been known to hyper-ventillate or break down in tears.  I went to a psychic once, and the only thing I remember that she told me was that in a former life, I was once killed in a manner that had “something to do with my neck, like being strangled or having my throat slit or was possibly hung.”  I suppose that’s as good an explanation as any for this ridiculous phobia I’ve had for as long as I can remember.
  4. that my brother calls me Bill?  Several of his friends don’t know that my real name is Lisa.
  5. that I have my advanced diver certification?  I’ve been scuba diving in the Florida Keys, all along the California coast, Hawaii, Cozumel, Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Now, for the part where I get to present others with a Kreativ Blogger Award.  (Note to recipients:  All you have to do is copy the Kreativ Blogger badge and list five random things about yourself in a post.)  And the award goes to…

Amber Stults

Stu of Stu’s Place

Miranda and all the other fabulously creative women over at Studio Mothers


  1. #4 is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. It reminds me of the time when my husband’s grandmother went to get a passport (about 70 years of age at the time) and her birth certificate had her first name as “baby”. All this time she’d been called Dorothy and her parents never legally named her.

    Thank you for the award. It’s an honor and my first one!


  2. Lisa – I have the exact same neck phobia. It’s a horror for me, too. My fight or flight reflex kicks in, and I feel such fear. No idea why, either. It’s beyond tickling. So far beyond.

    I’m also terrified of those big windmills, the wind power ones. It gives me the same fight or flight feeling, plus a sinking feeling in my stomach. My family thinks I’m weird as hell…!


  3. Hi Bill…not sure if I completely knew about the neck phobia to that degree, but the road-trip junk food is definitely you. 🙂


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