My Daughter the Boy

My three-year-old daughter likes to pretend to be a boy when she is participating in role-playing games with her older sister.  When they play superheroes, she chooses to be “Shark Boy” or “Superman, NOT Supergirl.”  When they play house, she’s the Daddy.

She once asked me if she used to be a boy.

Today, she was telling me about a girl in her preschool class.

“She’s a girl, like me,” she said, before amending, “Well, not a girl like me.”

“How is she different?” I asked.

“I talk like a boy, so now I’m a boy.”


  1. perfectly natural and fun.

    who wouldn’t want to be a boy – they have the best stuff! and by that i mean trucks and stuff not that otrher stuff my brothers always said i envied.


  2. lol! i could embarass my son k with one of my favorite preschool i know body parts story, but i don’t think i should air that in a public forum….you can email me if you weant to hear it!

    great cocktail party tale, though, just to permanent on the internet.


  3. I just found your blog via Studio Mothers (I think). I love this story.. My son (who is 5) will sometimes put on his little sisters princess dresses and prance around for days saying he is a girl princess. He will stay in character literally FOR DAYS. So cute, I love it!


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