Ruining My Kids’ Lives

Though she usually fights it, I still try to get my three-year-0ld daughter to take naps in the afternoons, particularly when we have plans later in the day, so that she’ll be well rested and in good spirits for the evening activities.  She doesn’t always sleep.  We call it “quiet time,” and she is expected to lay in bed, read books, and enjoy a little peace and quiet.  Most days, I am the one who needs a short break, a little peace and quiet time.

When I was tucking her in for quiet time one afternoon, she told me, “You’re ruining my whole life!”

Granted, I was prepared to hear this phrase at some point, but I thought it would be closer to when she was fifteen rather than three.


  1. Hmmm. I look forward to my Saturday and Sunday afternoon naps – I can’t take them when I’m at work. Maybe she’ll want quiet time in another 20 – 30 years. 🙂


  2. Ha ha! It’s like the first time Nadja ran into the bathroom, crying, and slammed the door behind her. I think she was 3 or so, too. Ahhh…. girls.


  3. oh dear. i’ve been getting that one or ‘ihateyouyou’retheworstmotherinthewholewideworld!’ periodically since 1997.

    it will fade and come back again. and fade again, too.


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