Creepy Benchmark

This is the Damian Daily blog, and though I’ve jokingly written about the reference my name often brings to mind, I was a little disconcerted today when I glanced at my blog stats and realized that I had exactly 666 comments as well as 666 subject tags.

I’m not prone to superstition, but does that seem a little creepy to you?  Because it’s kind of giving me the chills, as I sit here sequestered in a dark cabin in the woods, writing a novel about angels and demons.  I also happen to be reading The Devil You Know by Mike Carey.  Wonderful book, but too many spooky things in alignment for my peace of mind at the moment.

Quick, somebody comment and throw off the numbers!


  1. hahaha! hey, i was born on 1.6.66, and when i was in delivery with kid #1, dxh went to check me in. the clerk was a little worried at my birthdate, more worried about the fact my phone # started w/666 exchange and dxh cheerily pointed out i’m lefthanded and born under the sign of the goat. we later found after her freakout at him that i was likely giving birth to a devil child, that our phone number on the forms had arbitrarily been changed to 665…

    so honestly i find 666 a lucky number. i also love 13 and fri the 13th as freya’s day…i consider black cats crossing my path a propitious event. but i still toss spilt salt over my left shoulder and do not step on cracks if i can help it.


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