Scooby Doo Halloween

Scooby DooIt’s that time of year again.  Costumes and creepy decorations are appearing in stores everywhere.

My girls have already decided what they want to dress up as this year.  Well, it was in fact my three-year-old who chose for them.  After first insisting that she wanted to wear last year’s Kermit the Frog costume again, she later decided that she wanted to be Winne-the-Pooh.  That stuck for a week or so, up until yesterday when she saw a Scooby Doo costume, which we purchased.  She then came home and talked her big sister into being Daphne.  They’re both enthusiastic about this theme, and it better stay that way until after the Big Night.

To carry things a step further, they want their Daddy to be Fred because, according to my six-year-old, “he’s taller and more handsome than Shaggy.”  I guess that leaves me with Velma, the smart chick.  I can live with that.  Now I just need to find the outfit, a wig, and Harry Potter glasses.


  1. I can send you my brown wig that looks like a bob. Not the black one you got me, but the brown one I used to wear to work and out in public.


  2. tung sijeni mir naj te re ju skuadra jeni me te miret qe ju kam une shum shum shum te mir jeni verte krejt dhe disa e pelqejn ama he a super ma ju maca mini qarli dhe lola super heroi mario ama te jum mashumtit me pelqen qika e veshur me te vjollce se nuk po e ja di emrin dhe e veshur me te portokallt djali i veshur me kmish te bardhi skubi du shegi ky mesazh a nga dita emti i vertet a ardita qao dita


  3. Hello,i’m from louisiana,I love scooby doo so much.I watch it so much.I love fred,shaggy,dalma,and dalfne. lol I don’t know how to spell there name.


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