Eating Your Vegetables

Ever have one of those moments as a parent where you hear something come out of your mouth and then think, “Did I just say that?”

I had just such an occurance tonight with my two-year-old daughter.  The comment that issued forth was, “Take a bite of your chicken or your potato, and then you can have more edamame.”

My kids love their vegetables.  We sometimeshave to bribe them with vegetables to get them to eat anything else on their plates.  They recently opted for a third helping of brussel sprouts rather than ice cream for dessert.  I know, it’s weird, but I’m certainly not complaining.

Their favorites include artichokes, brussel sprouts, edamame, asparagus, raw carrots, broccoli, and peas.  My five-year-old also loves salads, but she snubs iceberg lettuce, which she claims isn’t “real salad.”  She prefers fresh baby spinach, romaine, or wild greens.


  1. It’s so much better for them to learn to eat healthy earlier than later. Sometimes I cringe at the thought of how much soda my mom let me consume while growing up.


  2. i second amber, and my kids love the weird veggies, too, especially the dark leafy greens. it’s a wonder, but i’ll take the credit for having fed them as organically as possible in their early childhood. and then their stepfather introduced way too much white sugar options into their diet, but i still manage to feed them veggies without a fuss. i hope what i taught them early on will show up for them when they are adults – eat a natrual rainbow everyday.


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