Off to Book Club

It’s -13 degrees Fahrenheit right now, and I’m heading off to book club this morning.  It’s supposed to feel like -30 or -40 with wind chill.  The schools were canceled today due to dangerously cold weather.


  1. jeez, that IS cold! but i’ll take a mo’ to 1 up ya:

    when i was 14, (1980, folks) my family and several others were in VT for a holiday ski trip. we did this often, about 30-40 of us in a big cabin. so after 3 days of -70 thru -20 wind chill induced cabin fever, a handful of us decided it wasn’t a ski trip unless we actually skied. day 4 was a -70. one run, wearing muuuuultiple layers and inside for cocoa. then out for more. by the end of the lift ride, behind goggles, our eyelids were freezing to our eyeballs! we determinedly managed a few runs and lived to tell about it. mosty, our dads sat at the lodge bar drinking hot toddies.


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