1. Oh, God, hands down, has more power… but magic? Hmmmm… that’s a good one. How about this:

    Who has more magic, the late Albus Dumbledore or Santa?

    (I vote for Dumbledore.)


  2. God over Santa, due to the fact that in the Marvel and DC universe “Godlike” is considered to be above super-human which is what Santa would be.

    How Ever I have to disagree with my wife Liz on the Dumbledore thing,

    AD 161
    SC 1609

    Santa has 1448 years of experience over AD that is a lot

    The winning equation is that AD is based on Merlin, who is powerful is not unbeatable or beyond magic. SC is based on Odin, a god. winner Santa.

    However the fact the Santa owes much of his image to Odin really makes me rethink the original question in a rephrased way – God vs. Odin.


  3. Wow, I love it that you put so much thought into this question. I had about a thousand answers that sprang to mind, but all of them would have posed philosophical debates or in-depth definitions of “magic,” and I’m not sure that my five-year-old would have had the attention span for either scenario.


  4. Touche.

    Second fight – God. He can will Odin out of existence.

    Lisa, this is what you get when you marry a geek. (Keeps me on my toes, anyhow!)


  5. hhmmm…i think i would leave 5 year old to figure that one out for herself. with suggestions on both sides of the debate.

    to paraphrase einstein, the magic is in the mystery, left to wonder…


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