No Fair Princess

Today my daughters built a large building with multiple towers out of blocks.

“Is that a castle?” I asked.

“Yes, it is a castle, and this is the plank,” replied my five-year-old while pointing to a long horizontal section jutting off the top of a tower.

“Oh, your castle has a plank?”

“Yes, and people who walk the plank fall into the moat.  There’s water all around here,” she added, gesturing to the floor surrounding the base of the structure.

“What else does your castle have?”

“A dungeon.  A big dungeon.  This whole thing is the dungeon.”

“And this is the engine tower,” added my two-year-old, indicating the section she was diligently building.

“And what does the engine tower do?”

“Makes it go choo-choo and crash!”

Then they both enthusiastically knocked the castle down.

Apparently, my daughters do not dream of being fair princesses who pine away in a castle tower, waiting for a prince to come along and rescue them.  They like to create their own royal destruction and mayhem.


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