Family Portrait

Did anyone watch Desperate Housewives on Sunday night?  There was a scene that featured a rather vindictive kindergarten teacher who asked her students to draw pictures of their families.  She relished displaying them on parents’ night, so that mothers and fathers could get a good look at the raw interpretation of how their children really saw them.  There were pictures of parents yelling and others passed out on the couch surrounded by booze, along with one drawing where the father was barely in the picture at all because the child saw so little of him.

My husband and I, driven by our morbid sense of curiosity, asked our own kindergartener to draw a picture of her family this morning, to see what it revealed.  She drew a picture with clouds over our heads raining down on us, but she said that “rain makes rainbows,” and she added gold at each end of the rainbow.

She told me, “I put a heart on top of your head Mommy because you love us so much.”

“I do love you so much,” I replied. “What’s that on Daddy’s head?”

“A crown because he’s the king.  You’re wearing lots of bracelets, and I made us red because red’s your favorite color, Mommy.  I also gave you curly hair and me zig-zag hair.”

Discounting the fact that in a five-year-old’s interpretation, arms and legs attach directly to our heads, I’d say it’s the best family portrait I’ve ever seen!  I was genuinely shocked when she didn’t draw me with a witch’s hat and a broomstick, so you can imagine my relief at her portrayal of our happy family without enough sense to come in out of the rain.

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